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Finding the Right Dress Shirt


You’ve got to be from a different planet if you don’t understand the importance of a dress shirt especially when you are wearing a suit.  Dress shirts are a must have for every man; they’re like a woman’s white button down shirt, flexible and good for almost any occasion.   Whether you wear it alone or under a suit it is imperative that you choose one that will look good on you.  Here are some tips on how to choose a proper dress shirt:


Let’s start with something really easy: color.  A shirt’s color can make or break an outfit so when you are choosing a dress shirt try to imagine what you are wearing it with.  If you are wearing it with a suit, please make sure that it will not in any way clash with the suit (an olive green suit with red dress shirt is not acceptable even if it’s Christmas).  As tempting as it may be to experiment with colors go for something that’s still “comfortable” for you.


The next thing that you should pay attention to is the fabric.  Most men make the lethal mistake of underestimating the fabric.  The type of fabric you choose is directly proportional to the amount of comfort the garment will have.  Cotton shirts will be more breathable while those with more polyester contents may cling to you like fly paper on a hot summer’s day.    On the other hand, cotton wrinkles more easily compared to synthetic fabrics.  When you’re choosing fabric, there are two main things you have to consider: the occasion or where you’ll be wearing the dress shirt to and the weather.


A very important thing you should consider is the collar style. There are a lot of different collars out there but there are four really common ones nowadays.  The straight collar is the most common and is considered the classic look.  This collar looks good on all face shapes and body types.  Another collar is the button down collar, like the straight collar it can be worn by anyone but this certain style of collar looks good even without a tie.   There are more modern or trendier types of collar like the spread collar which gives out a more youthful, carefree and softer vibe but this is a good choice for those who have a slim built.


After choosing your collar style, choose your cut or fit.  Today, slim fit is very common and these are the shirts that are tighter.  They cling to you more compared to the more traditional styles and just as the name suggests, they are good for those on the slimmer side.  There are also some dress shirts that are tapered on the waist, so I suggest that you fit the dress shirt before buying it.


While you are trying your dress shirt on this is the best time for you to check the fit.  Like the suit, an ill-fitting dress shirt is a recipe for disaster.  First, inspect the buttons; they shouldn’t look like they’re about to pop out.  Next, your sleeves, when you bend your arm the cuffs shouldn’t go up past your wrist.  The cuffs should fit just right, how to tell?  You shouldn’t be able to put the dress shirt on without opening the cuffs and of course, they shouldn’t be too tight.  Lastly, put your hands up in the air (this isn’t a joke), by doing this you’ll be able to check if the tail of your chosen dress shirt will come out or not, a proper fitting dress shirt will not get un-tucked.


Now you have a dress shirt! Wait! Before you pay for it, make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for by doing a quick quality check.  If you’re buying a high end dress shirt, check if the buttons are hand sewn and check the stitching at the seams.  It doesn’t take an expert to tell whether a shirt is done right.  Loose threads and uneven stitching on the seams are signs of bad quality which means that shirt won’t last long.

Spending a little more time than usual in choosing your dress shirt will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

That’s all for now!