Don’t Fall Off the Fall Bandwagon!

Ever wonder where trends come from? Every season we hear about fashion trends, from a designer’s point of view these serve as a guide on what to do for an upcoming collection.  I think not all people realize that there’s a science that goes with this and there are big companies whose job is to simply predict future trends, like WGSN.  The designers use what has been studied and integrate it in their respective collections.  So, no, designers don’t really dictate trends they interpret them, it’s actually the consumers who do the dictating.  Trends are a social phenomenon and it’s only natural that you catch it one way or the other.  Some people are extremely trendy while others choose classics and have a few trendy pieces now and then.  There’s nothing wrong with following a trend as long as you won’t regret it later on (we all have that “what was I thinking” picture somewhere).

For this fall there are several trends on suits that are pretty interesting.  The Mad Men fever is still on making “period” pieces a must have.  Don Draper has caused a massive move to embrace the 60s and 70s and it is evident in this fall’s runway collections.  Nothing says classic more than a double breasted suit or a three piece suit.  I love vintage like a baby loves milk, it exudes confidence which I dubbed the “vintage swagger”.  I always like telling people to learn how to mix modern pieces with the classics, adding a bright tie or pocket square to a double breasted suit does wonders.

Orange is all over the place this fall, I know it sounds scary but it’s worth giving a try.  We have all heard that color influences certain emotions and a little bit of orange can make a dull day cheery. Going all monochromatic is also a trend this year but for me it’s just too predictable and good for more formal occasions.  If you are going to the office, throw in some color in there and maybe, just maybe, your boss will crack a smile (try adding a bit of green and maybe he’ll give you a raise).

I know a lot of men had question marks on top of their heads when they saw the “skinny” suits in the runways.  These are the suits that looked good on only 15% of the world’s population.  I was never a fan of tight fitting suit pants for men in the runways and I am pleased to tell everyone that from “skinny” we are now on “slim” which is flattering for more men out there.  “Slim” fit suits when done well can make you look taller and thinner without feeling constrained.  No need to worry about things bursting out of the seams.   Suits this season have a more relaxed fit so you can easily bring out your Don Draper like “swagger”.

For accessories, gone are the days when men would try to fit everything in their pockets.  Most men bring bags to only to work but nowadays more and more men have bags with them, which is wonderful! See ( promotional bags ) People in today’s world are always on the go and stuffing everything in your pockets will ruin your ensemble especially if you are wearing a suit.  A lot of companies and designer brands have launched bag lines for men and they are worth taking a look at, just remember to consider where you’ll be using that bag for.  Have a backpack or a messenger bag for your casual days and use a leather briefcase or leather satchel for work, there are also bags to choose from in between.  Bags are a good investment and I’m not just saying that because I’m a girl.

There are a couple more trends you can look up the internet, there’s nothing wrong if you want to follow all of them or some but what is more important that you wear what is comfortable for you.  As a designer for Slumbersac baby sleeping bags and more, I always dress my clients in clothes that suit their personality.  It is important that despite all the trends around us we still retain our sense of self when we dress up; after all, it’s what makes you unique and that will serve as your life jacket so you won’t get lost in the sea of trends.

That’s all for now!


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