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7 Regent Lane and Kickstarter

7RL is happy to announce that we’re going to be doing some major product line expansions.  To help us fund this, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.  In return for the support of the Kickstarter community we’re offering some great deals on our current and hopefully future products.

Please check out our campaign on Kickstarter and we’d be grateful for your support!

The 7RL Team

The 7RL Dress Shirt – Custom Tailored Luxury


The finishing touches of our web site are being completed and we’re looking forward to going live this month.  In addition to our collection of custom tailored suits, we’re already hard at work introducing the 7RL Dress Shirt.  This shirt will come with a wide selection of extremely high quality fabrics and a variety of custom options allowing you to create a shirt for the most formal occasions or just a day at the office.  Keep an eye out for this soon after our site launches!

Our First Sale!

There’s nothing quite like your first sale!  Here at 7RL we’ve been putting our operations in place, finishing off web site design, running experimental marketing campaigns, etc. in preparation for our upcoming launch.  We never expected that we’d get sales traction prior to having the web site up though!  Nevertheless, our customer had need of a new suit for a very important event and word-of-mouth brought him to us.  Since we have all the operations and manufacturing in place, we figured why not?  So, if you need a suit prior to the web site going live, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll send you information on our collection and see what we can do!

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