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7 Regent Lane Video

We were having some fun taking environmental videos of models in 7RL suits.  This one was shot in central Philadelphia.

Customer Testimonial: Jason

Jason talks about why getting a custom made suit (especially one from 7 Regent Lane) rocks!

The Well Dressed Coder

A Simple Life

I’m a software engineer.  Like many others of my chosen profession, I work in a small home-office (aka Nerd Hole) surrounded by multiple monitors, glowing backlit keyboards reminiscent of Neo’s apartment in the first Matrix movie (we don’t speak of the other Matrix movies).  In this dark and comfortable environment, it’s difficult to offend the fashion sensibilities of my co-workers who, in my case, consist of an ill-tempered cat who leaves huge mounds of fur all over my basement floor. Don’t get me wrong, I like to look my best and I have a large collection of cargo shorts from elite retailers like Target and Kohl’s.  To augment this formidable collection, I have several hundred T-Shirts accumulated over the years at various techie and software conferences.  The colors range from sensible black to a lot of colors resembling the color of mulch. geek Cargo-Shorts-for-Men sexy dresses

My morning routine consists of a very meticulous process of choosing and color coordinating these garments.  Specifically:

  1. Wake up.
  2. Shower…don’t brush hair but put some goop in it so it stays strategically messed up.
  3. Grab jeans or shorts on top of clean pile.
  4. Grab T-Shirt on top of clean pile.
  5. Put on carefully chosen ensemble.

Life is good.

A Disturbance in the Force

My business partner and I have historically dabbled in more techie SaaS ventures and products.  Recently, she got her MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  This is a great school and she came out of there with a very dangerous thing known as “knowledge”, which I’m pretty sure is what got Adam and Eve kicked out of paradise. As part of that experience, she did a semester abroad kind-of-thing in China.  She took her husband to Silk Street and got him a custom tailored suit.  Since then she’s been obsessed with the understanding that having a made-to-measure suit is critical to looking good.  The fit is way more important than who designed it or how expensive the fabric is.  Cargo shorts do not have this severe shortcoming. Long story short, she wanted to launch an eCommerce venture to deliver these made-to-measure suits to the common man (presumably basement dwellers in cargo shorts), and after my begrudging agreement we launched 7 Regent Lane with our other partner, who actually does wear suits for a living.

Suits in the Nerd Hole

Needless to say, since she’s a girl and I’m not, I get to try out our prototypes and have a strict mandate to own and wear one of our suits on various occasions.  I’m writing this to share my experiences with my fellow codists, so here they are:

  1. Made to measure suits really do look better.  I have a few off-the-rack suits, and sure enough having one made to fit my somewhat doughy software engineer exterior gives me the ability to look presentable, even good, when meeting with the significantly more-uptight East Coast investment and entrepreneurship community.
  2. They’re comfortable.  Compared to my other suits, the custom fitted one isn’t too tight or loose in the wrong areas so I don’t feel awkward and geeky in it.
  3. They’re not that expensive.  Most of my disposable income goes to gadgets.  I’m particularly fond of camera gear and Linux single board computers.  Unfortunately you can’t wear those to formal occasions, but we were able to arrange our cost structures so we can deliver custom fitted suits at about the same price of your typical off-the-rack Men’s Warehouse stuff, but with way less polyester.

There’s no way I’m going to be wearing suits for my job every day, but I do want to let all of the other pale subterranean code monkeys know that it’s really not so bad, or difficult, to take it up a notch those times you have to actually don business attire.

Kickstart Your Wardrobe

Just a shameless reminder that we have a Kickstarter campaign going on to help fund product line expansions at 7RL.  Please give it a look if you want to give the Cargo Shorts a rest and take your significant other out to dinner at a fancier-than-normal place. Enjoy!

Visit for more info.

Customer Testimonial: Jonathan

Here’s another testimonial from one of our customers, Jonathan.

Customer Testimonial: David

David, one of our customers shares his thoughts on his 7RL suit!

A Special Treat From 7 Regent Lane and Primer Magazine

We’ve got a special treat for all the graduates out there!

Aside from our congratulations,  we’ve teamed up with Primer Magazine ( to give you a boost as you start a new chapter in your life. We are giving you a chance to win a custom made suit from us which you will definitely need as you take the first step to becoming a real adult (aka your first job interview).  There’s nothing like a good suit to help you make good first impressions.

Sounds too good to be true? click this link for more details:


Suiting Up For a Good Cause: 7 Regent Lane at the Wharton Charity Fashion Show

Dressing up is even better when it is for a good cause.

Last April 19, we participated in the Wharton Charity Fashion Show.  It is a student organized event (even the models are Wharton students!) that aims to raise money for a chosen Philadelphia charity though a fashion show featuring world-class designer and brands.  This year, all the proceeds went to Youthbuild Philadelphia.

Check out the video of the Dementia clocks show here: 7 Regent Lane at the Wharton Charity Fashion Show

7 Regent Lane on Philadelphia News

Don’t we all love good news?


Check out 7 Regent Lane on Philadelphia News by clicking on this link:

7 Regent Lane x

Who doesn’t love playing games once in a while? It’s a great way to unwind and it just brings out your inner kid.  We are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with, a website that offers its customers a  chance to play a treasure hunt to win amazing prices from up and coming partner brands.


We’d like encourage everyone to try this out!  The site is now open for registration and the first treasure hunt starts on April 4.  There will be $1,000 worth of prizes and games will occur every two weeks with increasing prices.  Sounds good? Adpropo also helps out selected charities like the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation and Arise Academy Charter School.  You can also help us out by brainstorming and collaborating with us through In return, you get to sign up and receive exclusive deals or discounts from us and other brands that you like.

check out for more information!

7 Regent Lane on Technically Philly

We have been featured again and this time by Technically Philly!


Read the full feature here: